Easy tips for family photos everyone should know

Here are the top three tips I’ve learned on how to successfully capture family photos with young kids to get timeless and joyful pictures –

1️⃣ As a parent, ALWAYS be smiling. Leave the goofy faces to me; the worst thing that happens is when I finally get a giggle or smile out of your kiddo and then I can’t use the photo because mom and dad are either looking somewhere else or making a funny face to try and get the kiddo to laugh.

It might feel unnatural and your cheeks might be sore after our session, but I promise it’s worth it to smile at your baby for the whole photoshoot.

Family of three walking at Saltese Uplands Conservation area

2️⃣ Stay positive, stay happy. Your kids will feed off of your energy and match it. If you are stressed because they aren’t cooperating, guess what, they are going to be stressed too. If you forget about me, forget about getting “perfect” photos, and just focus on having fun with your little, you will most definitely get some smiles and genuine laughs.

Notice how in all of these photos, Sarah and Preston are focusing on their little man and not even looking at me. It works!

3️⃣ Hungry kids are hangry kids. Even if it’s not meal time yet, bring your kiddo to the session fed and don’t forget to bring a couple snacks for an intermission or bribery. We are not above bribery at family photoshoots!

Special treats: ie fruit snacks, candy (stay away from chocolate or suckers as these can be messy or take a while to eat), puffs, dry cereal, can be lifesavers!

And REMEMBER! It’s my job to guide you and help create beautiful photos. Don’t let these tips for family photos overwhelm you. Don’t keep putting off your family photos because of stress or fear. If you want to book your own family session click here!



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