Hiking into the foggy hills of Saltese Uplands


Danika + Cade hired me to do their couples photos back in January, and despite the freezing temps + grey skies, we still ended up taking some amazing photos at the Saltese Uplands. I really think this session is one of my favorites, not because of how the photos turned out, but because Danika + Cade came to the session open-minded and free of any expectations (which is my #1 tip to creating amazing photos). They just wanted a good time and wanted me to capture photos of them as a couple. Which is SO rad because it meant i got to have full creative freedom during their session and they whole heartedly trusted me. Even when i asked them to sit in the middle of the road…

Dangerous? ehh, maybe. Worth it? One thousand percent.

When the fog rolled in, Danika and Cade had no reservations about the weather and still wanted to do the photo shoot so we set off and began hiking deep into the hills of the saltese uplands conservation area. A short walk later and we found the perfect spot to create some fairy tale photos. Just take a look for yourself…



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