The start of a true crime podcast or just an epic photoshoot?

I’m not gonna lie.. The thought “Am i going to get murdered today?” might have crossed my mind at least once on this day. But what actually happened was much more epic (thankfully) and one of the best adventure sessions i’ve ever shot.


Serenity and Riley had booked me for their destination wedding in Montana and they wanted to do an adventurous engagement session too. I now know that these two are some of the most kind, adventurous, nature loving people I’ve ever met, and there is absolutely nothing to worry about, but let me take you back to the day of our session. 

It was the end of fall and the air had just started to chill. Serenity and I had been talking back and forth via email and she asked if we could go to a special spot that her and Riley had found. Now, I’m always looking for new places to shoot so i was stoked that they were going to take me somewhere new. The catch? It was about two and a half hours away. No biggie though; we were going to meet at a grocery store before hand and then i was going to follow them out in my own car. What i didn’t know was that we would take dirt roads for nearly half the drive.

So here we are, in the middle of nowhere. Completely off the main roads, weaving in between, up, down, and around mountains. I was just following these strangers i met on the internet and planning on hanging out with them in a abandoned field by the river for an hour.

At this point, my palms are getting sweaty because I know my mom has watched an episode with this same plot on dateline. So instead of turning around and leaving like a sane person, we finally get there, and i hop out of my car to find one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve seen.

Now, i know you’re thinking “wow this place is gorgeous”, but as you look through these pictures, you will start to forget about the scenery and only be able to feel how in love these two are. It’s a truly stunning backdrop, yet it’s impossible not to stare at these beautiful souls and smile at the connection they share.

I am just so damn lucky i got to explore this little slice of heaven while capturing the magic of love at the same time.

If you want to take me on another epic adventure session, let’s connect!



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