The Secret to Creating Amazing Photos

Okay, well, there’s not really just ONE secret… but I have some tips on how to elevate your photos. To make your photos go from good to great. 

My first word of advice might be the most important: come to your shoot with an open mind and good spirits. As a photographer I’m capturing emotion + energy, so if you come to your session super stoked and happy to be there, I promise it will make a difference and show in your images.

Location will make the next biggest impact on your photos so it’s important choose your location wisely. Maybe somewhere that holds meaning. Somewhere with natural beauty and few distractions. Somewhere with great natural light. The location you choose will add to the overall mood and emotion to your photos. For more advice, check out my tips for how to choose a location

If you are doing your photo shoot outdoors, like a lifestyle or senior session, plan your session towards sunset. I like to use a sunset tracker and start my sessions an hour before it actually sets. The lighting won’t be as harsh and you will get a golden, warm feel to your images. If your wedding/ elopement is coming up, make sure to etch out at least 15 minutes in your timeline to sneak off and do a few sunset portraits with your partner. 

Choosing your outfits for a photo shoot can feel challenging, so if you’re stuck and don’t know what to wear I recommend looking at pictures of you, or someone else, and seeing what colors attract you the most. Create a pinterest board and look for patterns of what you like best. If you’re doing a couples shoot make sure to coordinate outfits. And please know that there is a difference between “matching” and “coordinating”. Each of my sessions also include a what to wear guide that goes more into depth.

Lastly, trust your photographer. If you pick your photographer for the right reasons (ie: you love their shooting + editing style), then trust that they will direct and prompt you in a way that is consistent with their style. I will promise i will always direct you and tell you what to do!



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