How to choose a photoshoot location?

Landscape image of the Oregon coast at canon beach during sunset.

Alright, I’m going to keep it simple and sum up the key points for choosing a photoshoot location.

Before i dive into it, I want to stress how uber important your photoshoot location can be!! If you’ve read my secrets to creating amazing photos, then you know location is one of the biggest factors that can impact your photos; for better or worse.

So where do you even start?

First, figure out what “vibe” you’re going for. How do you want your session to not only look, but feel? My advice is to look at other photo shoots you love; maybe check out photos of your friends, or create a Pinterest board and look for common themes in the photos you’ve liked, or even look at your photographers portfolio. Decide if you are more attracted to the outdoorsy, nature vibes, or maybe you’re drawn to the graffiti and old brick walls downtown; maybe your style is leaning more towards an indoor, in home/studio shoot.

Couples shoot at Saltese Uplands, Spokane Valley

Once you decide on an overall vibe/theme (IE: Nature vibes), dig a little deeper.

Think of spots that are meaningful or sentimental. If you’re wanting nature, is the beach somewhere that holds memories? Do you and your partner go on hikes and look forward to those overlooking views? Maybe there’s a coffee shop where you met your S/O, maybe you just moved into your first home and want to capture how life is there.

Lastly, Take into consideration of the colors you’re wanting or attracted to. A question you might ask yourself is “Will these colors look good with my home?”. If you’re printing the images, consider the themes and colors in your home already.

Do you want images like the one below with a lot of greens and yellows? Or do you like browns + neutrals? Or more pops of colors like flower fields and graffiti walls?

If all else fails and nothing comes to mind, talk to your photographer and ask for recommendations! Spill any ideas you have and see if they could be doable. And if you are booking with me, i also have a complimentary location guide that has almost ten locations to browse and choose from.



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